Cancellation/Booking Policies

Online booking policy:
We require for credit/debit card information to be entered when booking online. We will not charge your card for the appointment ahead of time (unless instructed by you); in the instance of a same-day cancellation or a no call/no show, we will then charge your card appropriately/accordingly.

Cancellation Policy:
Please keep in mind that we do have a non-refundable cancellation fee of $30 per person, per hour in the event of a cancellation notification to our studio less than 24 hours/same-day of your appointment. This cancellation fee cannot be applied to future bookings.
If you need to cancel your appointment, please contact our studio 24 HOURS OR MORE in advance, so that we have time to potentially rebook the slot.

No call no show for appointments will be charged the full price of services. 
Same-day appointment bookings can be cancelled within 15 minutes of booking, otherwise our cancellation policy applies. This will need to be paid at the time of cancellation.

Please keep in mind that if cancellation fees or no call/no show fees are NOT paid by your next booking, you will not be allowed to book future appointments.