Our company is based on the belief that our customers’ needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. Massage therapists are artists and each have their own style, which is expressed through massage. We encourage our therapists to celebrate their individuality through their dress, to help them feel like themselves, so you can receive the best massage they have to offer. Our hope is you appreciate the therapist’s artistic nature as much as we do. We encourage you to try out a couple of different therapists so you can find a few who work great for you! All of our massage therapists are licensed and proficient in deep tissue, Swedish, hot stone, and pregnancy massage. We consist of both male and female therapists. If you need any help deciding further on who would be the best fit for you, feel free to give us a call and our desk staff will be happy to help you! We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.
Sophie & Willy

These are our greeters, Princess Sophia & Willy. They only work on occasion. Willy enjoys soft dog treats, and walks in the park. Princess Sophia, but you can call her Sophie, thinks everyone comes here, just to see her! She loves attention and she might try to kiss you!


(Members or referral only please )-I started Simply Massage after raising and homeschooling my 3 amazing daughters. I chose to pursue massage therapy because I love helping and serving other in this capacity. I’m thankful for all of our wonderful clients and grateful for my excellent team of therapists. My amazing husband Kevin and I met here at Simply Massage. In my down time I love spending time with my family and friends and going to concerts. We also enjoy Rv-ing and spending time anywhere in the sun. License # 7501007986


I was drawn to massage through my interest in natural medicine and alternative therapies. I wanted to help others in this as well. I do deep tissue, headache relief, focus on neck and shoulders as well as Lymphatic Enhancement therapy. I enjoy playing piano, grilling and smoking tasty meats and cooking for my wife. License # 7501006888

Nicole- Front Desk Staff

Hi There! I’m Nicole, I have worked in customer service for 15 years, and love putting a smile on peoples faces! I am always happy to help with your needs and concerns, and hope to make the best of your experience with us. On my free time I enjoy music, and animal loves of all kinds.


I have a passion for helping people feel their best physically and mentally; and with practicing in that I in turn feel my best. This is what drew me to massage therapy. I specialize in trigger point, deep tissue and enjoy adding aromatherapy into my sessions. I am passionate about eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. I am also a desk staff member at Simply Massage. I enjoy running, yoga, obstacle course racing and anything outdoors with my friends and family. License # 7501004940


I enjoy massage because it allows me to help people with their body, mind, and soul. Deep tissue and cupping are my favorite! On my downtime I like to read, Netflix and spend time with my family.


Hi, I’m Katelyn, I have been a massage therapist for 6 years now, and absolutely love what I do. Our bodies have great capabilities, massage helps keep us up and running so we can do the things we all love. Personally I enjoy spending time with my kids and being outdoors.


I was 9 years old when I knew I wanted to make massage a career. Seeing people leave with less pain than they came in with and feeling relaxed makes me feel good knowing I helped someone today. My favorite massage modalities are deep tissue with stretching. It helps relax the muscles and work out trigger points. I also love everything to do with being outdoors! Fishing, swimming, hiking. I also love to draw and do crafts. License # 7501010912


Growing up my mother suffered from chronic shoulder stiffness and I would always work on her. When I graduated she strongly suggested I choose massage therapy as my career path because I had the knack for it. I do a deeper sports type massage and like to incorporate stretching into my sessions. I also like to incorporate aromatherapy into my sessions to further promote peacefulness of the mind. In my personal time, I love being outdoors and reading and writing. Cooking is also a passion of mine. License # 7501011925


I was drawn to massage therapy because I like that it offers people a way to feel better without hospital bills; I also had a knack for it. Deep tissue and medical massage are my specialties. My main goal is to help clients feel better. In my down time I like to read, a lot. License # 7501009815


I felt massage therapy was a good career path and I really enjoy serving others. Heat and percussion are some modalities I enjoy using during my sessions. I am a solo skydiver, I love to travel and make tie dye in my spare time. License # 7501010695