We have a very flexible membership here at Simply Massage. Membership is $59.99 per month and includes one sixty minute massage. Each additional sixty minute massage you receive that month is only $55! Thirty, ninety, and two hour massages are discounted as well and the pricing is listed below. Our membership is inclusive of family and household and isn’t contracted, so you can stop at anytime if needed. The monthly member massages roll over, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on one. If you decide to cancel your membership, you will have 90 days to enjoy any monthly member massages you have rolled over. Membership can be purchased online or at the time of your appointment with a credit or debit card. If you strive to get a massage at least once per month our membership is a deal you can’t beat!

Members (pricing after included massage)
30 min massage                $35
60 min massage                $55
90 min massage                $75
2 hour massage                 $110
 30 min massage                 $45
60 min massage                 $75
90 min massage                 $105
2 hour massage                  $150
+Simply essential oil blend added to any massage for $10
+Hot Stones added to any massage for $10 
+Cold stone Therapy with Kevin added to any massage for $10
+Cupping added to any massage for $5
+Lymph Enhancement therapy additional $10
*Cupping and Lymphatic Enhancement are only available with certain therapists.
*Reflexology sessions are the same rate as massage sessions and are only available with certain therapists. Please call to book this modality. 

Click the link below to view our Member Agreement.